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What a complicated condition!

We love treating migraines!  Why?  Well firstly we feel that for some migraines we can be extremely effective. Secondly it’s awesome helping out people who can be so debilitated by them, often these patients have had them for many years and it’s a life changing event for them.  And thirdly, it’s a great challenge.

What are the causes of migraine?  What brings them on?  Well that’s the million dollar question; unfortunately modern medicine has not really solved this question.  Some factors WE DO UNDERSTAND are that they can be food or allergy related, they are stress related, they are hormonally related, there is a genetic link, and they are most certainly related to your neck, jaw and upper back mechanics.  And of course this is where Osteopathy can help.

We can expertly assess your migraines, and then formulate a plan to help diagnose your issue and moving forwards, help to reduce and hopefully eliminate your pain and dysfunction.  This is not easy, it requires a patient and analytical practitioner who are prepared to assess all of your history and look at all of the possible related issues.

We are proud of our ability to do this at City Osteopathy and our experienced practitioners will ethically take you through this complicated issue and work out whether you can benefit from our help.  But why wouldn’t you try?  What other options are there that are more helpful or as thorough? It’s just simply more complicated than taking the various medicines on offer which to be  honest don’t really treat the cause, and which you may need to take for many years.  It’s amazing to reduce or eliminate your migraines, it truly is!