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Max has been a part of the City Osteopathy team since 2013.

His aim is to provide an individually tailored treatment plan with a mixture of direct, firm techniques coupled with more gentle techniques in order to achieve the best possible results. Rehabilitation and active participation from patients will be encouraged throughout the treatments, so as to prolong the positive effect of treatment and reduce the risk of complaint recurrence.

Max’s main goal is to create a balance between the therapeutic benefits of osteopathic treatment and the body’s ability to heal itself.

In his spare time Max enjoys playing soccer and AFL, and messing around on the basketball court. Apart from sports, cooking and food are other particular interests of his. At some point during a treatment, conversation may lead to “what’s for dinner?” & “have you been to any good food spots lately?”

In addition to his work at City Osteopathy, Max has also begun working at Victoria University, supervising the next generation of osteopaths at the Victoria University Student Clinic. As a Supervising Clinician, Max loves discussing cases with students, and finds he is learning as much as he is teaching.  Max also works at another practise in Mentone if you live Bayside.

Max is currently working Monday through to Thursdays and can be contacted on