Dr Ishtar Darvell – Osteopath



As an Osteopath, Ishtar is passionate about treating holistically. She defines Osteopaths as ‘doctors of the body’ and believes it is her responsibility to know human anatomy and physiology so well, that she can employ any technique for the benefit of the individual.

In daily practise Ishtar sees a variety of injuries and illnesses and uses a range of structural and functional techniques, as well as integrating exercise rehabilitation knowledge to suit a persons lifestyle.

Ishtar aims to relieve pain, as well as educate about pain and how to work with the body to experience health and long term well being.She is very interested in the importance of listening on all levels and has dedicated her adult life to understanding the language of the body.

Ishtar began as a qualified massage therapist over 20 years ago and has continued to study the body and overall health ever since. Also during that time she has practised and facilitated qi gong, meditation and dance sessions.

Ishtar worked  in Tasmania for 5 years, until 2012, when she embarked on a solo cycling tour of Europe visiting osteopaths and attending conferences. She finished her travels in the Middle East, studying Ohad Naharin’s movement language. Now, happily based in Melbourne Ishtar is keen to share her skills and knowledge gained from her sabbatical.