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IMG_55721-1Most people experience headaches in their lives.  Most of these headaches are short term annoyances that generally go away and will not require treatment.  But headaches can come from more aggressive causes, and they can become persist ant and therefore hard to treat if present for longer periods of time.

We recommend anyone to get Osteopathic assistance to diagnose and treat your headache if it has been present for longer than normal, if your symptoms are different than normal, or if you do not normally get them.   You should also get treatment if it is just bugging you too much, as we all know this can occur with headaches!

Osteopathy is highly effective at treating most types of headaches.  It is highly effective at trying to work out the puzzle of your own individual headache, because the causes are so varied and complicated.  There are just too many causes to list, but Osteopathy is uniquely situated to help determine your individual cause or aggravating factors, and then at formulating a plan to help relieve your immediate pain and to reduce the frequency and severity of any further flare-ups.  Of course one of the most common causes is from upper back and neck issues, and Osteopaths are perfect at addressing these for you

In many ways, it is crazy that we put up with ongoing headaches.  There is often a simple solution to giving you change that can be meaningful and ongoing.. Our practitioners are highly trained at diagnosing and treating most causes of headaches, and will do so with using the latest research and the latest gentle techniques.