Hamstring Injuries – explained using Jordan De Goey!

You may have heard that Collingwood football club star Jordan De Goey has flown to Germany to see world renowned hamstring specialist Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt in a bid to play in the 2019 AFL grand final.

De Goey who had just returned for a 6 week hiatus due to a hamstring strain, suffered an injury to the same hamstring in the first minute of the qualifying final against Geelong. He initially thought it was just tightness and continued to play on. Until later on in the game he felt it tighten again and was diagnosed with a hamstring strain.

The timeframe to return for a hamstring injury depends on the severity.

A grade 1 strain is typically 2-3 weeks.

A grade 2 strain is 3-6 weeks

A grade 3 strain is 6 weeks +

The man labelled a ‘hamstring guru’ with over 40 years experience; Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wolfarht has treated celebrities before, including Christiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, Boris Becker and Bono from U2. But most importantly for the Collingwood faithful he has helped out with Current players Jamie Elliott and Darcy Moore with their hamstring.

So what exactly does a treatment from the ‘hamstring guru’ entail?

His practice employs a unique mixture of homeopathic medicine (treatment with natural substances) and dry needling.

The staple of his treatments is what Müller-Wohlfahrt calls “infiltrations.” These are homeopathic preparations and other substances that are injected into the injury site:

So for Jordan De goey it entails an injection into his injured hamstring.
The injections range from exotic proteins like Actovegin, which is derived from calves’ blood, and lubricating substances containing hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

Muller-Wohlfahrt has stated he has administered “far beyond” a million such injections through the years, at least half of these to athletes.

Whilst De Goey had been ruled out of the Preliminary final against either Brisbane or Greater Western Sydney, Magpies fans were hopeful that this hail mary attempt could get their superstar match fit for a grand final.  Alas, we know what happened there….. :((

Dr Daniel Castellano, City Osteopathy