Dr Simon Duncan heads North to the Tropics, and escapes the kids!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.
With the kids all away under the watchful eye of the courageous grandparents, the mice will play. And we did.
A quick fire 4 days away in Port Douglas was made all the more special by the lack of heat and humidity that part of the world usually offers at this time of the year, this was followed by NYE at Woodend with friends.
Some rain is in the forecast, hopefully landing where it is much needed, let’s start the year off better than the end of the last.
Refreshed, and still dinks for another couple of weeks, it’s exciting to get into a new year. The tear 2019 was what it was, it’s done, it’s dusted, it’s finished. What will we see from 2020?
Hope to see you all equally refreshed and ready to go, like most of your private health insurance benefits are, and let’s get through the New Years resolutions together.