Dr Dan Castellano catches a shark! Great photo mate!

Our resident Catalan, Dr Daniel Castellano had an enjoyable break off over Christmas and the new year. I got to celebrate my first xmas in my new house with partner Holly which was very exciting. The day itself was filled with family from both sides and the usual over indulging of turkey, pork, ham and pavolva!

My best mate and I wanted to start our own fitness tradition on Boxing Day, which was to run one hundred 100 metre sprints in 100 minutes. (100 x 100s in 100 mins)
The idea is to run 100 metres at the start of every minute – so if you run it in 20 seconds you get a 40 second break, 30 seconds a 30 second break and so on.
It was just an idea to run off all the Christmas food and alcohol however, it actually came to fruition. The repeated efforts started off quite easily however after about 30 it started to become more difficult. No surprises that the last 15 efforts were physically the hardest.

After we completed the grueling run, we went to the Boxing day test to watch Australia take on New Zealand.  This Melbourne Osteopath knows how to relax!

The day after Boxing Day my partner Holly and I drove down to Rye to camp down on the foreshore, which is an annual tradition her family has done since she was a kid. There were plenty of games of beach cricket played with her family as well as some fishing and boating adventures. Below is a photo of one of my catches which was a Port Jackson shark, which was kindly let back into the ocean after the photo.