Dr Brons work from home Pilates Routines! – Upper Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Our Melbourne Osteopath, Dr Bronwyn La Brooy is the Australia’s first Accredited Exercise Rehabilitative Osteopath!

We are so proud of her and so lucky she is available in both our city clinics, AND our Pilates Studio.

Bronwyn is has done some short videos for our patients to follow some routines at homes whilst we are still part of COVID Lockdown 2.0.  Her first series is……………….


Postural upper back, neck and shoulder pain.

A strong mid back will take all the pressure off the joints of the head and neck that can lead to headaches and migraines. These are also great at rehabbing a shoulder injury – to have a strong middle back. Best of all, you don’t need more than a can of chickpeas!

Check it out on our Youtube channel.

Chin tucked in, slight hover with forehead – (no low back pain!). should feel this middle back area. No equipment required
Reps 10-15/Sets 2-3x
1. shoulder blade squeezes with straight arm
2.  twisting palms up/down
3. “cactus arms” / “L shaped” arms shoulder blade squeeze
4.  breaststroke
                  – reach up, sweep arms by your side, come back to your chest like                      you’re swimming.
5. mini cobra (No low back pain),
                  – prop yourself to forearms only. (recovery)
6. 1/2 breastroke swimming
                   – hover at chest level off ground / reach forward / hover back at                           chest level / rest.
7. cat/cow/childs pose (recovery)
Try these sets of exercises, it should take roughly 4 minutes to complete each round and it gets a good burn to those deep postural muscles.
Good Luck.