Dr Brons work from home Pilates Routines! – Theraband Arms

Dr Bronwyn La Brooy is the Australia’s first Accredited Exercise Rehabilitative Osteopath!  Very lucky to have her at City Osteopathy as well as in our Pilates Studio.

Theraband Arms. For Posture, Shoulder and Upper Back Pain.

A strong mid back will take all the pressure off the joints of the head and neck that can lead to headaches and migraines. These are also great at rehabbing a shoulder injury – to have a strong middle back. Best of all, you don’t need more than a can of chickpeas!

Check it out on our Youtube channel.

– ideally Yellow for beginner, Red intermediate, Blue advanced.
Can use hand weight/can of chickpeas/water bottle as your resistance.
Reps 10-15/Sets 2-3x
1. Sweep arm out to the side
2. Cross body
            – Holding arm out to the side, then cross body at 90 degrees
3. bicep curl
4. bent over rows
             – hinge from the hip with a neutral back, bring elbows behind you for a                 shoulder blade squeeze
5. triceps
             – On four point kneel, one hand holding the band, the other hand’s                        upper arm tucked into your side, using elbow as a hinge, swing                            backwards activating triceps.