Dr Chelsea De Marco – Osteopath

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Chelsea is passionate about the beneficial effects Osteopathic medicine can provide. A chronic shoulder injury led her to Osteopathy a decade ago. The instant relief after years of pain and other forms of therapy changed her life – she enrolled in the course the following year.

Chelsea then graduated from RMIT University completing her Masters research paper on the effect on foot and ankle posture following the application of a new type of insole not seen on the market before. The positive results and study design resulted in the paper winning both the University and Australian Osteopathic Conference awards. Chelsea therefore has developed a strong focus on detecting, minimizing and treating painful conditions resulting from postural deficit throughout the whole body, in particular the shoulder and neck. She believes in integrating her patients into their own recovery process giving instruction on self-awareness in ergonomics and prevention of injury.

Her treatment style is largely structural though she incorporates effective forms of gentle Osteopathic technique into the session to achieve the best results for her patients.

Chelsea loves being healthy and active, regularly going to the gym and is a mad pilates devotee. Her interests are in design, travel, cooking great food and her beloved mini dachshund Remington whom also enjoys their daily walks together!