3 Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

Now that winter is upon us, we love a good dollop of one of natures wonder products. And why not use Manuka honey, its got a great taste and is generally speaking more in its natural form when we buy it. But try to buy honey in its ‘raw’ state, ie it has not been pasteurized if you can, as its closer to its natural state and has not been superheated, which destroys many of the enzymes that give Manuka its anti microbial properties. Also remember Manuka honey comes in differing strengths regards its health benefits. Look for a higher UMF score, indicating a more potent honey.

1. Honey has been approved by the FDA in America to aid wound healing. Need we say any more! It may also help diabetic ulcers.

2. Studies have shown it can help oral health, via its antimicrobial action. This is great as it can help with periodontal disease which incredibly has been linked with heart disease.

3. Soothe a sore throat. What a great option in winter! Again, this works via its antiviral and anti microbial actions, and has been shown to reduce streptococcus bacteria. This was seen via a study on cancer patients taking Chemo. So enjoy winter, and eat some of the worlds wonder foods like we will at City Osteopathy, guilt free!