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Written by Dr Shane Heslop

Basically there has been a lot of talk within medical circles for a few years now about the benefits of arthroscopic surgery for knee osteoarthritis.  It is an incredibly common procedure, one that no doubt is billed for a great deal of $ to the consumer and health system.  It is also a procedure that whilst fairly basic, does have risks such as anaesthetic risks and DVT risks.  You will also lose some of your cartilage, which may well promote further wear and tear down the track leading to further, more extensive surgery. knee pain

There are now some extremely good studies that suggest this procedure is no better than getting a placebo or SHAM operation.  If you see a good manual practitioner who gives you the correct advice, exercises and treatment, your outcomes it would seem will be just as good as getting surgery.  It would appear to be a no brainer…….Please read the link below.