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Written by Dr Nick Adams


A new meta-analysis research review published in the February issue of Diabetes Care has found a strong link between coffee consumption and reduced incidence of type 2 diabetes!!!

nick adams coffee picture

Drinking 1 cup a day of caffeinated coffee was associated with a 9 % reduction in diabetes, with each succeeding cup further reducing the risk (6 cups a day = 33 % lower risk!).  The caffeine conscious should not fear though as while better results were seen with caffeinated coffee, the difference between this and de-caff was not statistically significant.

This follows a paper from the University of Adelaide published in the same journal in December 2013 which found that artificial sweeteners are not as bad as some reports suggest!!  Sweeteners were found to have no effect on blood glucose, insulin, or glucose response, and were considered “the same as drinking a glass of water”.  Researchers did concede that further research is needed in regards to the effect of sweeteners though, and that impact on blood glucose could be different in those that are high-risk or in pre-diabetic state.

So it would appear that the guilty pleasure of a morning latè might actually be doing you some health benefits.  For read the papers in full follow the below links