3 day working week provides best cognitive function according to a Melbourne Uni study.

Researchers have backed the popular belief that working less could be better for your brain.

New research from the University of Melbourne has found working part-time for about 25 to 30 hours a week had a positive impact on the cognitive function for Australians aged over 40.

But for those working more than three days a week, research found stress and fatigue could erase those positive impacts.

A great article, not good maybe for the over 40s though who are being told we may need to work till 70…;)

Back pain an indicator of increased chance of early death, Australian study finds

A team of Australian researchers examined the health and death records of thousands of older sets of twins in Denmark. They found those who reported lower back pain had a significantly higher chance of dying sooner than others.  Could be a variety of reasons for this, but its certainly an interesting stat!  Certainly a good reason to come visit your melbourne osteopaths at City Osteopathy!!

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Can artificial sweeteners in soft drink contribute to dementia and stroke risk?

Consuming a can a day of low- or no-sugar soft drink is associated with a much higher risk of having a stroke or developing dementia, researchers claim.  In fact, statistically it amounts to a three times higher risk than having a can once weekly according to a study published in the journal STROKE.  Soft drink consumption thankfully is going down per capita, lets hope that continues…

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