5 complementary approaches, including osteopathy for pain relief.

A recent article in the Journal of American medicine assessing complementary approaches to musculo skeletal pain over the past 50 years shows good improvements for pains such as headaches, knee pain and arthritis, neck pain, fibromyalgia.

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The research looks at efficacy and safety evidence from 105 randomized controlled trials conducted over 50 years. Research included acupuncture and yoga for back pain; acupuncture and tai chi for osteoarthritis of the knee; massage therapy for neck pain  and relaxation techniques, and osteopathic manipulation for back pain.

This is all the more relevant with the current explosion in opiate prescription in the western world.  Come talk to your Melbourne osteopath at City Osteopathy to help relieve your pain, safely and naturally.

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High risk of further joint replacement in younger patients. No surprise really….

A new study in Lancet has shown the dramatic consequences of getting a knee or hip replaced before the age of 70.  You have a 35% chance you will require that joint to be replaced again in your lifetime, which are huge odds.  Are patients aware of these odds? If you wait until after 70, the study suggests you risk is only 5%.

All the more reason to keep following your conservative treatment plan, which of course involves a good hands on therapist like your osteopath at city osteopathy.

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Soccer heading creates negative brain changes.

We watched a very interesting, but sad documentary of the England world cup winning soccer team from 1966.  The surviving players have high incidences of brain damage like dementia which they believe were from heading the ball.

This recent study shows how even one training session of heading the ball creates negative measureable cognitive brain changes. We would assume this would be relevant with any head contact sport.  This is a worrying development, but also very worthwhile to consider if you or your children are exposed to any such contact.

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Increasing muscle strength can improve brain function…

We love these studies! A recent trial lead by researchers at the University of Sydney have shown that ncreased muscle strength leads to improved brain function in adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The findings have implications for the type and intensity of exercise that is recommended for our growing aging population.

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